Gangster City VI

Gangster City VI

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Gangster City VI
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Gangster City VI Overview


Gangster City VI is a hypercasual action-adventure game in 3D inspired by GTA 6, as the title suggests, and it takes that big game and minimizes it to a playable experience you can now have from any PCs or mobile devices, so that even those with slower devices can have a semblance of the experience, and even if you don't like those open world games, we're sure this one will be to your liking if you're looking for excitement!

Play Gangster City VI online and live your criminal life!

Use WASD to move around the city, use your first round of cash to expand it, and then acquire the bat with which you go around the city, and, as a gangster, hit people with it to steal their money. That way, you can make the city bigger, and get even more targets.

Of course, use the money you get to make upgrades to your criminal avatar to become stronger, as well as make upgrades to your home base. As a gangster, expand the territory, steal, car-jack, and make more crimes to level up in rank, as you try to become the leader of the underworld!

Buy new tools, guns, cars, and anything else that can help you, such as hiring lackeys for yourselves. It's that simple, so begin right now, and make sure to tell your friends to come over for fun too!

How to play?

Use WASD and the mouse.

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