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DTA 6 Overview


DTA 6 is a fun new take on GTA Games, especially GTA 6 online, which we hope to have very soon, with funny stickmen avatars, but the open world full of action and adventure that you love, and tons of possibilities, with our team being confident on the game after playing it ourselves, so we will now teach you how, so you can start soon too!

Enter the world of DTA 6 and have action and fun!

Use WASD to move, the mouse for weapons use, and Q to enter cars, buy things, and get money. Use the keys for cars as well, and use space to jump, shift to run faster, and F to slow down time. Start off with 200$ cash, and use it to get your tools and expand your territory.

Steal, have races, defeat the cops, enter homes, and make your own crib better and bigger. It's that simple, and the world is vast, and you can see the map to get points of interest where you could be doing things!

Now that you know, start your GTA adventure right now, explore all the world has to offer, and come back to the category for more fun like this, since we've got plenty more!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, shift, F, E, Q, the mouse.

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