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Grand Theft NY

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Grand Theft NY
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Grand Theft NY Overview


Be a good person in real life, but be a gangster and criminal with our GTA Games online for free and unblocked we bring you, which might be fan-made, but they have been made with an outpouring of love, as you will see right now if you play Grand Theft NY online, which takes you into a more rugged version of New York City, the city that never sleeps, and that's because a lot of crimes is being made in it, for which you will be responsible if you play this open-world simulator!

If that open-world aspect of GTA simulation games online is what you are here for, the Free Roam mode has been designed for that, where you get to explore the city with your avatar and find missions and challenges to perform, regular occurrences in this world, such as robbing banks, stealing cars and bikes from people right off from the street, you will be chased by the police after you do crimes, but all of this with the chance of earning lots of money. Illegally, of course.

The story mode gives your character the background of having just come out of prison, trying to get back the respect he lost by following the missions you receive, through a total of ten levels, and while you start out basic in looks and powers, make sure to evolve!

How to be the ultimate gangster of Grand Theft NY online:

Start off with the simplest of missions, which means you have to go around the block and steal a bike, move with the WASD keys, look around with the mouse, use it to aim and shoot guns if you have them, R to reload them if you run out of bullets, interact with the bike and other objects using F, run faster from cops by holding Left-Shift, and jump by pressing the spacebar when obstacles appear in front of you.

You're not invincible, you're just a human, even if a virtual one, so don't get shot, hit, or beaten up until your health points deplete from 100 to 0, or you lose. After stealing your bike and riding it around, maybe try a motorcycle, or a car, and as you gather up gangster skills from one mission to another, you will build a criminal empire!

We all have to start somewhere, and this is the best place to do so, crime-infested New York City, where an even bigger ruckus will now start!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, shift, the mouse, R, F.

Tips & Tricks

  • Sprint around the city by following the arrows on-screen since they show you your next mission and point of interest!
  • If you see police, run or hide, and be aware of the territory of other gangsters.
  • Gather up weapons and vehicles to gain power over your enemies and civilians alike!

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