Grand Theft Stunt

Grand Theft Stunt

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Grand Theft Stunt
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Grand Theft Stunt Overview


Welcome to Grand Theft Stunt, one of the best new GTA Games online to have been added on our website right at this instant, with one of the most popular things about Grand Theft Auto Games being the various sports cars that you can steal or buy and then drive, which is something that you will do here as well, but focus more on the driving aspect than anything else!

Hop behind the wheel and make stunts with GTA cars!

You will use the arrow keys to drive your car, but if playing on mobile, you have special touch controls. Give your best to follow the course at each level and reach and cross its finish line before the time granted for that runs out on you, or else the level is lost.

You also lose if you drive out of bounds, so don't touch the lines on the sides of the road, or you lose then and there. Each new course is more complicated to drive on, and if you have to make stunts to pass it, DO IT!

It is all that straightforward and fun, so we hope to see you begin right now, and we hope that you visit the category further and keep the fun going in it!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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