Grand Theft Blockworld

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What is Grand Theft Blockworld?

Grand Theft Blockworld

Grand Theft Blockworld is an incredible new addition to our website, a game that manages to combine GTA Games with Minecraft Games, meaning that two of our most popular categories now are coming together for an amazing car driving game unlike any you've played in either category!

Let's drive in Grand Theft Blockworld!

You use the arrows or the WASD keys to drive your blocky sportscar in the block world, where you have to finish each course in the given time, making sure not to fall off it, or hit any obstacles/dangers along the way, because you then lose. Even one scratch to the car, and you have to start the game again.

Each new level will feature a more difficult course than the one before it, but we're sure that you will manage and have tons of fun! Good luck, start right now!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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