Gta Grand Theft Auto

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What is Gta Grand Theft Auto?

Gta Grand Theft  Auto

Grand Theft Auto is the first game in the GTA category. At first you are given the necessary instructions to control your character, and later you get some tasks accomplished to collect a larger amount of money, which is very important when you need to buy some guns. During the game you will maneuver the character with the mouse for direction and attack, and the arrows will have to travel. The car also you will handle with the arrows, but the first time you will steal the ENTER key. Have a life bar on the left, above. Be careful you do not end because you lose all your money and you start playing from the beginning. You can make the car sideways, hitting people with fists or firing. Earn money with them you can buy weapons, houses or other properties. Control of the car is very realistic and can make even sideways, leaving traces on the asphalt. Play this game in the best possible way in order to get among the best players.

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How to play?

With mouse and arrow keys will have to go through all levels of difficulty and in this way you get to finish as many levels of difficulty of these games GTA in Romanian.