Open World Crime City Shooting

Open World Crime City Shooting

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Open World Crime City Shooting
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Open World Crime City Shooting Overview


Open World Crime City Shooting is a GTA-inspired online simulator game filled with action made for boys, where you get to drive, shoot, have fights, steal, and many more crazy activities that should be left only for the gaming world, as you should be good people in real life and never do these things. Until then, let's see what is to do here, and how much fun you can be having right now!

It's time for Crime City Shooting in an Open World!

The game is an open-world one, so you are encouraged to explore it, so go around it and do anything you want. Shoot cops, steal cars and bikes, take part in robberies, take part in car chases, and make sure not to get caught by the police, as you rack up more money and fame.

Of course, you can change the appearance of your gangster character, and you can buy new weapons to use, which we recommend, so you can become the king of the underworld. If your health bar depletes, you lose so don't let it happen. This is the GTA mode.

There is also the shooting mode to unlock, and the zombie mode, which you will be able to play later down the road. Use WASD to move or, the mouse to aim and shoot, shift to run faster or activate NOS, and F to enter or get out of vehicles.

Start this amazing new experience right now, and don't stop here for a second, since we've got more in plan for you, and we would hate if you were to miss out on any games here!

How to play?

Use WASD, shift, space, F, and the mouse.

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