DTA 9 - Miami

DTA 9 - Miami

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DTA 9 - Miami
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DTA 9 - Miami Overview


DTA 9 brings you to Miami, as this is a new chapter in the best fan-made series of GTA Games online from our website, which is open-world simulator games online with crime, shooting, action, and adventure elements all into one, with hyper-realistic 3D environment, which throws you in a dangerous city like this sunny one, where there is a lot of criminal activity going on, of which you will also take part in, to keep having fun on our website. Worry not, we're giving you a proper introduction right away!

Play DTA 9 online and become the biggest crime boss of Miami!

After being put in Miami, talk with the first person you see, who will be your guide, and he will tell you to look around the city, as you go from point to point, marked by purple warning signs and green spots, and then go back in circle to talk to him, who will tell you that despite the city's beauty, there is a lot of crimes going in its underworld.

That is why you take your first earned money and that from the daily reward to buy some guns and ammo from the shop. Only after you're equipped you can search the city for missions to perform. You might be asked to fight with gang members, shoot down rivals, you will steal from banks or normal people, get chased by the police, sell illegal items, and more!

Each mission comes with money rewards, and you should take them to buy new looks for your avatar, becoming more gangster in looks as you are in actions, but make sure to always get more weapons, ammunition for them, power-ups, and even cars to use in your escape runs!

The world is so expansive that in addition to being able to race the coolest cars, you will even ride the waves on boats, or you can fly in the air with airplanes, which are harder missions, but they bring more recognition and money!

Use WASD for movement and driving the cars, shift to run, the spacebar to jump, and with the mouse you attack, whether it is with your fists, hitting with a bat, or shooting with a gun. We've told you the basics, so now that your training is done, begin your gangster life in Miami right now!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Drive cars, boats, and airplanes in your criminal missions!
  • Escape the police or shoot them up.
  • Create the biggest gang in the city of Miami!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, shift, the mouse.

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