Descent by car: GTA

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What is Descent by car: GTA?

Descent by car: GTA

Descent by car: GTA is one of the most interesting hypercasual car driving games 3d on our website, even more so because it belongs to the GTA Games category that you know more for action-packed games, which this one is, but in a different way, since you focus more on the cars than the shooting, and we will explain how right now and here, worry not, so you can give the game your best!

Descent by car in GTA online!

The game takes place in the sky, where you have a big obstacle course, which also has holes between the parts of the road, so know that if you fall from the sky, you lose. Instead, try descending the paths as carefully as possible so it does not happen, and that you get to the finish line fast, and get lots of points in return. Use the arrows for driving.

What you can do with them? Well, you don't only advance to new stages, but you also get the chance to unlock new cars to drive and descend with. Try getting all of them, finishing all the stages, and see how much fun can be had here as only here is possible, after which we will present you with even more amazing games, guaranteed!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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