Ace Gangster 2

Ace Gangster 2

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Ace Gangster 2
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Ace Gangster 2 Overview


You can now return to your adventures of being an outlaw and gang member in the Ace Gangster Games series, one of the best imitations of GTA Games out there, with these online games have been some of the most fun times we’ve had here recently, and surely you will love this new addition to the series, where you once more return to the criminal underworld and try to rise at the top of it all!

Metroville City is the new setting in the series, where you will be a gangster by night, and a taxi driver by day, although these two aspects of your life will surely mix with one another. Start the story by being hired at a failing cab company, and while you go out and pick passengers and drop them off at their destinations, you will also do all sorts of shady things and deals on the side. You only use the four arrow keys to drive the car.

Go around the city, taking jobs, and if you have some shady dealings to do, make sure to do them, so that you can get some extra money. You can also go all out while driving, as you can run people over, get into car crashes, steal, rob cars, and many more things. Make sure never to get caught by the police, or your adventure stops there, because you will surely go to prison, and this isn’t something you want, right?

Start your criminal adventure right now, and also be a great taxi driver at the same time!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys

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