Taxi Games

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What are Taxi Games?

Have you ever wondered what it's like to drive a taxi? What is it like to be a driver for someone? Well, in the new children's games with taxis you will have to live just like a taxi driver, the man who drives the taxi.

In taxi games, you will have the opportunity to know this job very well, in case you have ever wondered what it is like to be a taxi driver or how much money you can make, but to get to the money, you will first have to buy a car, to paint it yellow and finally to put a box on the ceiling that says TAXI. To the left and to the right of the box you will have to put two light bulbs that will be green and red, respectively, and this way the customers who see you on the road will know if you are free or not.

To start your first mission as a taxi driver you will have to walk around the city, to look for people who will help you and who you need to drive quickly and safely from one part of the city to the other or even between cities. The most common clients you will have will be schoolchildren, children who go to school, people who go to work or the office, or those who do not own a car to drive.
In being a taxi driver there are several things you will have to respect:

What you need to know is that for every customer you take in the taxi you will answer, so you will have to drive carefully and try to adapt to the traffic rules so that you are not stopped by the police.
Every race you manage to complete successfully will bring you cash benefits, you will be rewarded with money and even a tip if you have behaved nicely with the clients you have. In one race you will be able to take more customers in the car, but you will have to take into account all those present in the car and try to get them to their destination as soon as possible.