Real Taxi Simulator

Real Taxi Simulator

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Real Taxi Simulator
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Real Taxi Simulator Overview


A Real Taxi Simulator game has just been added for you all free of charge on our website, where you can bet that you are going to have an incredible amount of fun, top to bottom, especially since games with such a format don't come by often, so you would not want to miss out on it for anything in the world, believe us!

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As the title would suggest, you are trying to live the life of a real taxi driver, but you will do it virtually, so don't worry about people harassing you, trying to get a deal, or having crashes. You can still crash, which we hope you won't let happen, but the consequence is just that you lose, not that you get harmed in real life.

Drive through the huge city you find yourself in, pick up customers who want a cab, and then take them properly to their destinations, without incident, and make as much cash as possible, using it in the garage to buy a new vehicle, or make upgrades and customizations to the cab you drive to make it better to drive and better to look at.

The more upgrades you make, the more customers you will be able to pick up, and we're sure that in no time at all you will become the best taxi driver in the virtual city! Use WASD to drive, space to brake, Q, E for the turn signals, Z for the breaker, I to start or stop the engine, K for high beam, L for dipped beam, F for nitro, and C and R for camera changes.

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, as well as space, Q, E, Z, I, K, L, F, C, R.

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