City Taxi Simulator 3D

City Taxi Simulator 3D

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City Taxi Simulator 3D
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City Taxi Simulator 3D Overview


Play the City Taxi Simulator 3D if you dream of becoming a taxi driver who picks up passengers and drops them off at their destination in exchange for money! It's not just an honorable job, but a very important one throughout the world. People need to get to their jobs, to school, and to special events. They need to do it quickly, and a car through the city is great, even more so when there's an experienced driver like you behind the wheel!

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Go to the green markers on the map, in the city, and pick up your passenger. Afterward, arrows show you where their drop-off point is, and how many more meters there are. Follow them to reach their destination. It's a time crunch, meaning that you have to leave passengers at the finish line before the time limit runs out on you. If your client is still in the car at zero, you lost!

Because of this challenge, try not to crash your car too much, it slows you down. Driving is done with the arrow keys. Easy! Now, to park, make sure to stay in your lane, and the taxi lane is always the one at the far right.

Work days, and nights, and earn your keep as a taxi driver!

Each ride that you make successfully through the ten levels of this game will earn you money because you're providing a service. Take that money in the garage, where you can buy new taxis, and they can be cooler and faster. This means more clients, and the chance to complete the missions faster!

Of course, at the end of the day, it's all about your driving skills, and if we know you, we're sure you will do amazingly! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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