Taxi Simulator 2024

Taxi Simulator 2024

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Taxi Simulator 2024
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Taxi Simulator 2024 Overview


The Taxi Simulator 2024 has just dropped online for all the men and boys of our website who fancy themselves a virtual taxi driver, which can be one of the best jobs you could role-play today on our website since we know that car driving games 3D like this are always of great interest, and being this kind of driver is not an easy feat, so if one day in your life you want to be one, trying it out online is going to be one of the best ways you can train for it!

Try the Taxi Simulator 2024 online!

Steer with A and D, throttle with W, and brake with S. You use the mouse to look around, C to change the camera, and F to boost if you need some more speed to reach your destination, and you've got enough fuel for it.

Follow the directions given by the arrows on the screen to reach your passenger, pick them up in your car, and then follow the next directions in order to reach the destination, your drop-off point where you leave them, and earn cash in return as the fare for your ride.

Do this in the multiple levels of the game as you drive around the city, go through tunnels, cross bridges, take turns, and explore, all for the Taxi Drive mode. You can also play in Drift for Cash, where you earn money by taking turns with drifts, and if you want to do crazy flips, stunts, jumps, and crash your car, go into the Stunt for Fun mode.

As you earn cash, you can use it in the garage to change your vehicle, as well as to tune the cars, change their appearance, and even upgrade their abilities to make them better and faster cars.

Your taxi driver experience can begin right now, one click away, so go ahead, start riding, and try out more games with taxis from our website, they never disappoint!

How to play?

Use WASD, F, C, the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • As you drive, you can make it cooler by activating slow-motion with G.
  • Turn lights on and off from your car with L.
  • Finish taxi rides fast to get a bigger fare and a good tip from your passengers.

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