Taxi Tycoon: Idle Business

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What is Taxi Tycoon: Idle Business?

Taxi Tycoon: Idle Business

One of the best new Idle Business Games online on our website is this one on the page which you are on right now, called Taxi Tycoon, where you try running the biggest taxi enterprise in the city, because people there have places to go to all the time, and they need public transport for that, which is an opportunity for you to make money. Let's tell you how to do it, so you have a head-start and beat all the other businesses in the same field!

Become a Taxi Tycoon by running an Idle Business!

With your taxis, you need to pick up people from the city to take them to their destinations and get paid in return for it. With the money, you earn you have to expand your fleet of cars so that you get to spread your business through the whole city, and for that, you will also need to hire new taxi drivers, as the cars don't run by themselves.

Buy parking spots to put cars in or generate new ones, and upgrade your headquarters with gas stations, dispatchers, and every other service necessary to make things run smoothly. Being an idle game, you are aiming to make the business operate and make you profit even when you are not directly interacting with it.

Drive using WASD, and use the mouse to interact. You can play this on both computers and Android devices, so no matter how you want to experience this, start right now, and see for yourself how much fun there is to be had!


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How to play?

Use the WASD keys and the mouse.