Idle Pet Business

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What is Idle Pet Business?

Idle Pet Business

Idle Pet Business is here knowing very well that visitors of our website love both idle business games online and pets, so a combo between both can only result in one of the best times that a player visiting our website could have, and we will have that proven as soon as you start playing the game! If you want some business tips before you start, allow us to give you all the details you might need!

Create the best Idle Pet Business in town!

The first spot in the store is free, so buy it to have an animal spawned, after which you have to repeatedly swipe on it to get money in return, using that money to unlock new pets in the store, until you fill it all up.

Use your money to also update the characteristics of the pets and the store, so that for every click you make, and even when you're not clicking, you will earn more coins and grow the business even bigger.

It will be an endless cycle of buying, upgrading, and expanding, just like in real businesses, so play for as long as you want and see how far you can reach, surely enjoying the full experience, just like we did!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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