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Papa's Burgeria

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Papa's Burgeria
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Papa's Burgeria Overview


Papa's Burgeria is the latest installment in the Papa Louie Arcade! What is that? Well, it's Papa Louie's restaurant franchise, where he has opened up restaurants for all his favorite food, the one he loves to cook, and the one he loves to eat, and this time we've got burgers, so if that is your favorite dish, why not learn how to make it and serve it in this game, but following Papa's recipes?

Not only can you select to be Marty or Rita, the boy and girl main characters in this franchise, but the game also allows you to become Papa Louie himself, so you can feel like the boss if you wish!

Let's make the best food at Papa's Burgeria online!

As a worker at this burger restaurant, try to complete as many orders from your customers as possible on each day of work, and get those orders right to get your money, and your tips, and have them come back at later dates. Move fast in making the food, but always get it right, a skill that will improve the more you play. Do great day after day, and who knows, maybe Papa will give you a promotion!

Write down all your orders!

1. The Order Station is your first encounter with the restaurant. Customers come and show you what kind of burger they want to eat, so take a note, not just a mental one, but take all the ingredients and put them on a check, so that you can give them the right recipes. Giving customers burgers that are wrong, not like they asked for will result in penalties, losing money, and customers, and if you make too many mistakes, you might lose the entire game, which means losing your job!

Cook up that meat!

2. The Grill Station is where the magic happens since the most important ingredient in a burger is always the meat. Whether it is beef, like the classic, or pork, chicken, and other meats, make sure to fry up the meat on the grill. It needs to be done according to the requests, so don't fry the meat too much, or too little, because raw meat will cause medical problems and the health inspectors will close you up!

Make the burger tasty with delicious toppings!

3. The Build Station is for the finishing touches! Here you add all the other ingredients and toppings in the burgers, like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, sauces like ketchup, mustard, or mayo, and don't forget about side dishes like fries, drinks like sodas, or deserts!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use tip money to buy upgrades and make work easier: Doorbell, Heat Lamp, Medium Timers, Rare Timers, Well-Done Timers.
  • Decorate the lobby with items like a jukebox, a gumball machine, a TV, or various posters. Make the burger place a happy place!
  • You will serve food to 40 unique customers, so try remembering their favorite orders and cook them up fast when they come back!

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