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Papa's Burgeria Overview


Papa Burgeria is just one of a long list of Papa Louie games on Play-Games. With its iconic character design and immersive music, Papa Burgeria is sure to keep you engaged for hours in a game meant to test your time management skills.

The music starts playing once you’re prompted to click one of the three save slots available. Once you choose your character’s name, then you can choose the character you want to play. You’re given the option to play as Marty, Rita, or the bonus character, Papa Louie.

When you start a new game, you’re greeted with a cutscene to briefly explain the story of Papa Burgeria. You’re given a Golden Ticket to work at your own burger store that you can manage and upgrade.

Papa's Burgeria Online Gameplay

New players undergo a tutorial where they’re introduced to the three stations that make up the gameplay of Papa Burgeria:

  • The Order Station
  • The Grill Station
  • The Build Station

The Order Station is where you take orders from customers, the grill station is where you cook (and flip) the burger patties, and the build station is where it all comes together with toppings and condiments.

Now that you’re introduced to the different stations, it’s time to finish the tutorial by taking your first customer. A customer will walk in with a speech bubble that prompts you to take the order. The customer will speak in pictures, where your character will copy down each item on their order. Once you take their order, you drag the ticket to the ticket line at the top of the screen. Don’t worry, you’ll have access to this ticket line when you move to the grill station. You don’t have to memorize the order, since you can drag the ticket from the ticket line to the right side of your screen in the grill station.

Once you’re finished with the tutorial customer, then you have one more customer to serve to test what you’ve learned. Now that your first day is over, you’re shown your score for the day and how many tips you’ve earned based on your score. The money you earn with your tips is used to purchase upgrades to your shop.

Are you ready to move on to your second day (and beyond) in Papas Burgeria? Here are some tips that will help you succeed.

Tips For Playing Papa Burgeria

  • The first day only gets you accustomed to the mechanics of Papa Burgeria, but the pace picks up significantly. You’ll have to keep checking your order station while you have burgers going on the grill station. Until you make the necessary upgrades, you’ll have to keep clicking between each station and it might be overwhelming. Fortunately, you can purchase different upgrades, such as a doorbell that alerts you when a customer walks in, so you can focus on the grill station. That’s why it’s important to maximize your points early in the game, so you can upgrade quickly before Papa Burgeria gets too difficult.
  • Centering the toppings is more important than you think. You might think you have the time to center the toppings, but when you’re juggling three different stations, you might find yourself throwing a piece of lettuce or two off-center. Don’t spend too much time on the toppings, but do your best to keep your toppings centered with the buns. Keeping these toppings centered will help maximize your points so you can make early upgrades.
  • Use posters early. There are different posters for you to upgrade your shop with, and they’re one of the cheapest quality-of-life upgrades you can make to the shop. This help improves waiting time when you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the business.

Remember, take a moment to breathe in-between levels in Papa Burgeria. It can get overwhelming, but it’s a very rewarding game.

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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Author: Flipline Studios

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