Whiplash Taxi Co

Whiplash Taxi Co

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Whiplash Taxi Co
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Whiplash Taxi Co Overview


Whiplash Taxi Co is going to be one of the best new taxi driving games online, and that is primarily because the game is a retro-pixelated one that we highly recommend to all our fans, knowing how all these things together gather up as one of the best experiences you could be having, something we will tell you more about!

Let's play Whiplash Taxi Co online for free!

You will use the arrow keys to drive, and the X key to pick up or let off passengers. After taking one in your car, follow the arrows on the screen to find the place in the city where they need to be put, and try to get them to their desired spot as fast as possible, or else your taxi business is not going to have much success.

Of course, there are other cars in traffic you need to be careful about, so don't crash too much. That's pretty much the gist of it, so now that you know, you should be ready to start right now, only here, where we invite you to check out even more great games as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the ARROW keys, X.

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Author: Tom Mulgrew

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