Gangster Shooting Police Game

Gangster Shooting Police Game

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Gangster Shooting Police Game
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Gangster Shooting Police Game Overview


A Gangster Shooting Police Game has now been added to all the fans of grand theft auto from our website, and we mean fans of the game franchise, not the criminal activity, as inside this virtual simulation you can do everything your imagination tells you, and we're sure that you will have a ton of fun doing it all!

Try our Gangster Shooting Police Game right now!

Choose your first weapon and car, and then go out through the city, find cops, and shoot at them, making sure that you survive when they retaliate, because they will surely do so, and they will come in full force after you.

Of course, you need to survive, but also rob people, and make money however you can drive through traffic like a madman and everything else that is not supposed to be done in real life.

Use WASD for moving and driving, space to jump, the F key to get in and out of vehicles, and use the mouse to aim and shoot your guns. In case of crashing, press R to reset your car.

Surely the gist of the game has been understood, so you will now be able to give it your best and have tons of fun as only here it is always made possible!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, F, the mouse, and R.


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