Riddles of Squid

Riddles of Squid

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Riddles of Squid
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Riddles of Squid Overview


Are you ready to help Player 067 win the whole of Squid Game, and make sure that she is also really stylish at the same time? Then we invite you to try that out right now through the amazing game known as Riddles of Squid, which combines all these things together for a really fun experience unlike you've had before in this series!

Join 067 in the Squid's Game and win it all!

Of course, the first game you take part in is Red Light, Green Light, where you tap and hold the left mouse button to move forward, and release it to stop, doing the same with your finger on the screen if you're on a mobile device. When you see that the doll is moving her eyes and watching you, stop running, or else you get shot and lose. Win by crossing the red finish line.

Next comes the Honeycomb Game, where you use the mouse to draw lines from one point to another of the given shape to get the cracker out of it completely, and you can do this with a total of four shapes.

Finally, dress up Number 67, using the panel to pick her hairstyle, and, as it goes for her clothing, you can either try on some casual clothes, or you can put on her costumes from the show, of players, guards, or even the Front Man. Start now, enjoy the game as only here is possible, and stick around for more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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