Ancient Egypt Mahjong

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What is Ancient Egypt Mahjong?

Ancient Egypt Mahjong

We're now traveling back in time, but also in space, to offer you the chance of playing mahjong online, but in Ancient Egypt, a really cool experience we now recommend to you all from our own awesome time with it, which is how we will now be able to explain what you have to do!

Let's play Ancient Egypt Mahjong online!

With the mouse, you are going to click on two tiles that have the same hieroglyph on them, as long as they are free, in order to match and eliminate them, and if you keep doing so with two tiles at a time, you clear the whole screen, which is your goal, which you should try doing before the bonus time runs out on you if you wish some more points to be added, in addition to the ones you get from the matching!

Now that you've surely understood, since it is that simple, start off with the easy level of difficulty, and then keep working hard with the others to complete the game and have the best time possible out of it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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