Beach Connect Mahjong

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What is Beach Connect Mahjong?

Beach Connect Mahjong

We can't lie about this, that mahjong games online have the chance to get boring if they don't do things differently, which is why we only bring forward for you the ones we think are unique and which offer a new take on the genre, or a new location to visit with the game, such as it is the case right now and here with the wonderful Beach Connect Mahjong!

Have fun connecting tiles at the beach!

In total, you will have to clear 24 levels, which get progressively harder the more that you advance through them, but you also get better, and this way the game gets more exciting at the same time!

Tiles are going to be arranged in various shapes, and sometimes you even have them placed on top of one another, with the arrangements getting more complicated from one level to another.

They will have icons related to the beach and vacations on them, such as summery drinks, bikinis, fish, umbrellas, puppies, food, sun lotions, and many more.

Find identical tiles, and connect them by clicking on them, something that you can do only if there are no other tiles blocking the paths from one to the other one.

Before the time granted for each level, connect all the tiles and clear the screen of them to finish it and advance to your next challenges, and keep the fun going!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.