Among Float Connect

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What is Among Float Connect?

Among Float Connect

Among Float Connect is one of the best mahjong games online we've added so far in the Among Us Games category, no doubt about it, which is precisely why we made sure to share it with you here as soon as possible, and you're now going to have incredible fun with this connecting game!

Connect the Among Us Float!

You will use the mouse to click on two adjacent crewmates with the same design, or if they are not right next to each other, a connection can still be made if there is a clear path between them to be made. Use the mouse to select the tiles and remove them all through matching before the time granted for the level runs out on you.

Click on the lightbulb for the game to show you where to click if in need of help, and use the shuffle one as well, but know that these bonus options are limited, so try not to waste them unnecessarily.

Each new level has a more complicated float of tiles for you to match, but that makes everything more fun at the same time, so don't get discouraged and keep matching and having fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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