Checkers Games

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What are Checkers Games?

Checkers Games is a category that was a must-have for our administrative team, knowing very well that so many kids and adults alike from all across the world really love to play board games online, something that was really useful, especially in the two years we lived mostly inside, and this one is a tried-and-tested game that has been around in one form or another for at least 5,000 years. Yes, you've read that right, For thousands of years humans all across the world have played it, and now you can do it from your PC, Phone, or Tablet thanks to technology and our wonderful website. You don't even need a physical board, of course!

How to play Checkers Games online for free, and why we have the best of them, explained!

To play you need a classic chessboard, although sometimes you can play it on the board underneath the chess one, that has spikes that come in two colors, usually red and black, instead of the white and black squares.

Each of the two players, the number required for this game, has 12 pieces, and they need to put them over the dark places. Black always opens the game, unlike chess, where it is the white one.

Throw dice to determine the number of moves you can make, and then move diagonally with more pieces, but only forward one spot if you can only move one piece.

Leap over an opponent's piece and land on the other side of it in order to capture it, with the King piece always being the one that travels to the furthest row. Kings can make more powerful and lenghty moves. Block or capture all of your opponent's pieces in order to win against them!

Now, while playing against the computer can be quite fun, and it is highly recommended, we also invite you to try Checkers Games Multiplayer, where you play against other real people all around the world in real time!

We've got everything you would need from such a category, and it is always going to be updated with awesome fresh new content, so make sure to stop by as often as you can!