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What are Solitaire Games?

Solitaire is one of the oldest card games that originated in 1990 in digital format, as we know it today, thanks to the Windows software that pre-installed this game on all computers after the '90s. The game was created to be played by one person, and the purpose of producing this game was from the beginning to mobilize people to use the computer. Solitaire Games made all players use the mouse, understand the concept of click and drop, and manage the screen space as well as possible.

The gameplay of the Solitaire game is quite simple, you have to make a series of numbers, starting with the A and ending with the King. You can combine the colors, red and black, but you can't put one card on top of the other if they are not in ascending or descending order. Your mission will be to complete the four pairs of cards in as short a time as possible. From the left, you will have to take a new card, and at the bottom, where the cards are placed randomly, you will have to order them so that you have in each column cards in ascending order.
The four top positions will help you to exchange the cards you have, if you do not have a card on the table that you need, you can put it in the top block, and return a new card, which is possible to help you. It is very important not to get stuck from this point of view because you have the possibility to block all the top slots and also not to be able to combine any cards, and in this way you will have to restart the game.
You can move several cards at once, which will make your job a lot easier because this way you will be able to move faster and make pairs of cards easier.

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