Glacier Solitaire

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Glacier Solitaire
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What is Glacier Solitaire?

Glacier Solitaire

Glacier Solitaire is a new kind of card arranging game from this category that we are now proudly presenting to you all for free on our website, even more so because it is set during the winter, the season we are finding ourselves at right at this moment, and we're sure that you will enjoy this new take on the genre!

Let's play Glacier Solitaire!

In front of you, there will be multiple cards, and you need to remove them all by combining them with another card to form an eleven sum between them. So, pair a nine card with a two, a seven card with a four, a ten with a one, and more like that.

Use the mouse to click on the cards and pair them up, one from the screen, and one from the deck. You need to remove all of them before the time is granted for it runs out on you to win. If you run out of cards and no more pairings can be made, you get stuck there and need to start again from scratch.

It's going to require logic and focus, and we're sure that if you have them, you will do great and have plenty of fun, something we hope will be true for you in any of the games you play here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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