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What are UNO Games?

UNO is and will probably always remain one of the most well-known card games in the entire world, disregarding the classic ones aimed at adults, such as BlackJack, Poker, and the like of them, as this one is aimed towards families and groups of friends, and people of any age can play it and enjoy it a whole deal, just like we aim to prove right now and here with the virtual landscape we've created for them, as we know that sometimes life does not allow us to get together with other people to play it, with the recent pandemic having been proof of that.

What's to do in that kind of situation? Well, online gaming comes up with a solution, and that is playing this card game online from your PCs or mobile devices such as phones, tablets, and who knows, maybe even smartwatches, and for that reason, we've gathered the best collection of them here and now, which we are now going to happily present to everyone!

This game had been first developed in 1971, made by Merle Robbins to play with his family, after which he made multiple copies to sell to others, and after it was bought by an up-and-coming company, it gained some traction, having been popularized worldwide thanks to the acquisition of it by Mattel in 1992, which made this game a household name. The rest is history!

Learn how to play UNO Games online unblocked for free right here and now!

The cards are numbered from 1 to 9, and they come in four colors:

Each player is given an equal number of cards from the deck, and they have to place in the middle a card of the same color or number as the one in the middle. The first player to discard all the cards he holds wins, but they have to say 'Uno' when they are down to their last card because if they don't, they will have to draw a new card from the deck in their next turn.

Players take turns discarding, and if you cannot, you need to draw a new card from the deck. There are also a few special cards:

There can be ways to play the game with more advanced rules, but the simplest ones are the better. The crown jewel of this category is our uno games online with friends, as they are multiplayer games or io games where you can invite your friends and family in a private room and play from your own respective devices, or play with random persons worldwide.

Now that you have been made aware of all the rules and mechanics, start off right now, and have family-friendly fun as only here you can discover!