Fresh N Fresh Tiles

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What is Fresh N Fresh Tiles?

Fresh N Fresh Tiles

Fresh N Fresh Tiles combines match 3 games with mahjong games in one of the best new puzzle games experiences of the day that you can find and enjoy free of charge on our website, where we always seek to bring you the best games about, just like it will now be the case, and we're positive that you will have a blast of a time!

Let's match the Fresh N Fresh Tiles!

The title comes from the fact that the tiles you need to match will have fruits and veggies on them, all fresh, of course, such as apples, lettuce, oranges, onions, and even flowers.

Click on three tiles of the same kind that are free, meaning that they are lit up, and arrange them in the brackets down below one after the other, the only way to eliminate them and get points in return.

If you mess it up, fill up those brackets entirely, and can no longer make any moves, you lose, so be careful not to let it happen, and finish matching all the tiles before the time runs out on you, or else you lose.

Now that the rules have been understood, we're sure you are confident to start the game, which is what we hope to see you do right away!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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