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Connect 2

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Connect 2
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Connect 2 Overview


Connect 2 is the newest mahjong game online that we recommend that you try out on our website right now since matching games stand tall as some of the most popular ones we've got, but this one is focused on matching two tiles, instead of 3 jewels like in other cases, similar to this ancient board game that has been around for centuries. Don't worry, newcomers, we're here to explain all that you have to do and how to do it!

Let's Connect 2 online!

In the first level, the tiles that you have to match are going to have household items from the kitchen on them, like teapots, rice cookers, spatulas, pans, pots, and more!

Find two tiles that are identical next to one another in any direction, and click on them to create a line and connection between them, which is when you match and eliminate them, which gives you points in return.

You can also make connections between two tiles if they are not adjacent, but there is free space between one and the other, as long as that space is not too big.

Each level needs to be finished by matching and clearing all the tiles before the time granted for it, or else you lose, and level you can get up to three hints to help you, which we recommend using only when absolutely needed.

Now that the basics have been explained, you should have no excuse not to start playing this game right now, confidently, and then checking out more of our Mahjong Games online for free!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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