Garbage Sorting Truck

Garbage Sorting Truck

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Garbage Sorting Truck
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Garbage Sorting Truck Overview


Our administrative team does not only share new online games with you all but also works hard to create brand new ones, which are all really awesome and fun, just like we intend to prove to you all right now and here, as our administrative team can share with you the game called Garbage Sorting Truck, a puzzle game with pins you won't be able to forget any day soon!

Sort the garbage in the truck to keep the world clean!

A garbage truck needs to have trash in it, so in each level of the game you have to solve the puzzles so that the trash ends up in the truck, something that you do using the mouse, as you click on the pins to remove them, making the trash in the containers holding them drop, so, when it does and the truck is full, you will have completed the level.

There will be different kinds of trucks for different kinds of disposal, such as e-waste, plastic, metal, and much more, so make sure that in each level of the game the trash is put in the correct truck because if you get it wrong, you are going to lose the level and have to start it again.

Have fun like only here is possible, and keep checking us out day by day, so you don't miss out on all the fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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