Water Sort Puzzle Color Sorting Game

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What is Water Sort Puzzle Color Sorting Game?

Water Sort Puzzle Color Sorting Game

Water Sort Puzzle Color Sorting Game is going to be one of the best online puzzle experiences you will be having on our website today, no doubt in the world about that, with the game having all of the qualities we needed to share it with you as well, so playing it right now is what comes next!

Sort the water by its color and solve the puzzle!

There are four levels of difficulty this game is playable in Easy, Normal, Hard, and Expert. We recommend starting with the first one and then trying the others so that you get better as you keep playing.

You have multiple bottles with water that can be in different colors, and you pour one on top of each other until there is only water of one color in each of the bottles.

Remember that you can only pour water of the same color on top of one another, so figure out the best order to move those bottles around, if you want to clear all the stages. Good luck, and we hope your focus is on point to win all the levels!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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