Sorting Sorcery

Sorting Sorcery

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Sorting Sorcery
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Sorting Sorcery Overview


Sorting Sorcery is a brand new sorting puzzle game online, one where you get to go inside the cupboard of a witch, who has tons and tons of ingredients for spells, but which have been thrown around at random, and she needs to clean up and sort them for easier use, which is what you will be doing in this game!

Let's do Sorting Sorcery online!

With the mouse you will pick out glasses, vegetables, potions, fruit, and other items, and move them from shelf to shelf, clicking or tapping what you want to pick out, and where to move it.

Sort the items in such a way that one shelf only has one type of item, and when all have been sorted out like that, you will have cleared the level, and are able to advance.

For each level, you are being timed, so try finishing them fast, and with few moves required, because that is how you can get three out of three stars, which we hope will be the case for all the game's levels!

Let's begin now, confidently, and stick around for more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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