Big Birds Racing

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What is Big Birds Racing?

Big Birds Racing

You know you’re playing Bird Birds Racing, one of the many exciting racing games you can play for free when you hear the quirky bird racing music. The music is unlike any other, and so is the gameplay. 

Bird Birds Racing Gameplay

Welcome to Big Birds Racing, a game that is similar to horse races, except you control a bird that goes through different trials on the track. Play with up to four players and race big birds over three events in three separate locations. You will race your birds through the desert, the jungle, and the arctic. You can unlock even more courses by scoring enough points during each tournament. 

Steeplechase is the first event in any of the locations. Keep in mind that with all events, you need to press your action key to start your bird off. If you do not press the action key, then the race will not start for your bird, and it will fall flat on its face. In the Steeplechase event, you press the action key to jump the walls and hedges. 

The second event in any of the locations is the sprint. Do not forget to press your action key and continue pressing it as fast as possible to get ahead of the other birds. 

The third and last event is the pit hop. Just like the other two events, press the action key to start your bird off, then press the action key repeatedly to flutter over the pits of doom. The least taps you take the better, as you will lose speed in the air. 

Now, it is time to start a new game and pick your bird. Here are the birds, their corresponding action key, and the lane they race in:

Action key Q
Press Q to join
Brain is in lane one

Action key V
Press V to join
Dolly is in lane two

Action key M
Press M to join
Bath is in lane three

Action key P
Press P to join
Poo is in lane four

Big Birds Racing Tips

●    Do not worry about the other races for now. You start off with the Crispy Chicken Race. You will see the other races, such as the Parrot Pursuit or the Frozen Turkey Rally, but you will need to play more to unlock them. 
●    Do not get too overwhelmed. It might look hectic with all the birds, but just focus on your own and what your bird is doing. Do not lose sight of your bird. There is a lot to see on the screen but maintain your focus to win. 

Flap your way to victory in Bird Birds Racing!

How to play?

Use the q,u,p,m;

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