Big Birds Racing

Big Birds Racing

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Big Birds Racing
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Big Birds Racing Overview


Big Birds Racing is the most iconic 4 Player Racing game online on the internet, and it stands apart from so many others because you're not racing with cars or vehicles, but with birds, and not just any kinds, some really big ones, as the title suggests, creating one of the most unique experiences you can have here, from the same computer, four friends all at the same time. Want to know how to play? We've got you!

Play Big Birds Racing - the best 4 Player Racing Game online!

In the three events (Steeplechase, Sprint, Pit Hop) of this game, you will race to be the first one to cross the finish line from the four birds, running forward in a straight line, which you get to do in three awesome locations:

  1. Desert
  2. Jungle
  3. Artic

If you get enough points at these tournaments, you might even unlock some secret competitions to take part in further!

How to play Big Birds Racing in four players:

Each player only needs one key, which they will first press to start off, and then press it for jumping over the hedges, ledges, and obstacles or walls. Press it again while in the air to make a longer jump! It's especially needed to go over the water!

For all the four birds you've got a name they are given, and we're now going to tell them to you, as well as the keys you use for them:

  • Q for Brain
  • V for Dolly
  • M for Bath
  • P for Poo

The characters that are not assumed by any players will be controlled by the CPU, as the races always take place with four birds, never fewer!

Get ready to race in four players with birds, and check out the few but amazing other games in 4 here!

How to play?

Use the Q, V, M, P keys, one for each bird character!

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