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Gravity Guy

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Gravity Guy
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Gravity Guy Overview


Gravity Guy is the perfect 4 player game online we invite all of you to try right at this moment on our website because its developers have put a lot of heart into it, we worked a lot to bring it over, and it is a legendary online racing game with skill elements that have been around for many years, now remastered with contemporary technology, so you can easily enjoy it even if you've never heard about it before, and if you feel like your friends would also love it, make sure to invite you, since up to four of you can try outsmarting the rules of gravity against one another in a race you will remember for ages!

Only one can be the best Gravity Guy, who will it be?

The main mechanic of the game consists in flipping the gravity you are walking on, meaning switching between moving on the upper side or bottom side of the course, which is something allowed by the futuristic sci-fi costumes and gear that your avatars are wearing. You only nee one key to flip the gravity from one to another, and we will now teach them to you:

  • Player 1: E
  • Player 2: P
  • Player 3: M
  • Player 4: X

The four avatars, each of them identified by having a suit in a different color, although an identical design, will advance through the courses by themselves, so simply hit the keys you've learned just now in order to make them switch between up and down, all in order to avoid falling into the pits, or getting sucked into space.

Of course, other kinds of obstacles can appear, and the 'tunnels' through which you are moving can have all sorts of dents or hills, so you need to be very careful of those as well because getting stuck in them will allow the other players to get ahead of you. The players that can advance the biggest distance through the courses become the winners, as this is an endless runner game at its core.

If you're playing solo, which is definitely a valid option which we recommend in case you don't have anyone near to play with, try challenging yourself, as you are your own worst enemy, so each time you die, make sure that next time you run and flip gravity, you do it better and get even further up ahead.

All this fun is waiting for you and your friends just one tap of a key away, so we hope that you start playing right now, having the best time possible, and then you stick around for more of our multiplayer gaming experiences, one better than the other!

How to play?

Use the E, P, M, X keys.

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