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What are Bad Ice-Cream Games?

All Bad Ice Cream Games are here on; the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd part of the game bad ice cream is available to play for free. The Bad Ice Cream Games is one of the really cool game categories that you definitely have to try them on our site and manage to behave in all the conditions that would matter over there from time to time. Bad Ice Cream Games from Nitrome are probably the funniest games from Friv, that's why we invite you to rank these games and of course to tell us if you enjoyed playing Bad Ice Cream game.

First of all, we are totally sure that everything that you are going to be doing for us is going to matter a lot because that is how you could barely manage to see through everything that you totally like in there. Go ahead and figure out all the details that you would find and try to behave just fine because that is what a true gamer like you would be doing and would manage to understand in all these bad ice cream games. It is totally for sure that nothing bad could ever occur to us and the true fact that you would really like to become the best at everything. Try to freeze the ice everywhere you are and run as fast as you can because just in this way you can eat all the fruits to make perfect ice cream here in this game.

Even if you find an apple, orange, strawberry, Banana, currant, melon, coconut, pineapple, grapes, pear you can make different ices from these fruits in Friv Bad Ice Cream Games. You have to try and tell us that you can handle all this ice-cream and the fact that you would never get lost in it because that is the main point over here. We would like to determine all the interesting things from now on and that you are for sure going to become something great that no one would ever handle otherwise. You are going to have to use all the keys that matter for yourself and that nothing else could ever occur in such situations. Behold of something that is so great and so awesome because it is totally going to be done just fine in all the conditions from now on. We would like to see how can you manage.

This time we would like to let you know about a few things that are going to happen in there and that no one could determine something different. It is all about ice-cream. We know how you like a lot ice-cream and could never live without it. Well, this time we would advise you a lot in order to show us that you could see us in all the conditions from now on. Everything is going to be determined really fast because this type of ice-cream is something different. It is alive and not good at all.

You need to get closer and closer to it because it has gotten so bad and evil because people could not stop eating it. All of his kin had been eaten so that the evil villain ice cream had gathered a whole team with his brothers and made their way to make bad things to good and innocent people. Try to understand and see everything that you would like to determine over in time and the things that you really like in there is something really cool like nothing different. Behold of the things that you would find in there and tell us everything. We want to see that you can handle all this ice-cream and you can defeat it in all the conditions that would follow in time. Make sure that you understand all its concepts and you can get to know its secrets and if possible its sensitive points as well.

We would like from you a lot of curiosity and to determine by yourself a lot of stuff that totally matters in time. Never let us go and try to become the best in these situations that truly are important. Gather some Intel about the ice-cream because it is going to be a tricky one and not everyone is going to be able to get it through and beat the hell out of it. It is going to be dangerous. The ice-cream is mad and tries to conquer the world by every single possible way but you must not let it go through all its behavior and plans, because that would mean that the world as we know it could come to an end. Try to get everything done before than they do and after that eat the ice-cream and feast out of it because you totally deserve it.

Never let us go like that because we would like to hear a lot of things from you and how have you felt during our super cool games. We are expecting a lot of likes and sharing our posts all the time. We want to hear as well your personal opinion because that is what would mean to become the greatest of all time. Make your way to the end and never give up. Bad Ice Cream unblocked are available just if you can pass all these levels for free any time when you return to our website, but as you can see each level will be unblocked after you finish it.

Date released: December 2010
Published: Nitrome Touchy
Number of games: 3
Unblocked/hacked version for school: Yes
Enemies: Iowa, orange squids, eggs, trolls, bots, aliens, ice eaters, cactus, ducks, sandworms;
Original Characters: Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Sorbet, Mint choc-chip, Bubble gum;

Controls for each player:
1. Player 1: use the arrows to move and SPACE to create or break the ice;
2. Player 2: use the W, A, S, D to move and F to create or break the ice;
3. Player 3: use the I, J, K, L  to move and U to create or break the ice;
4. Player 4: use 8,4,5,6, to move and 1 to create or break the ice;

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