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What are Nitrome Games?

Nitrome is a company that produces video games, one that started from the days of flash, then made a transition to Unity-based games as well, but now makes all sorts of apps for mobile devices, consoles, or even Steam.

It started all the way back in 2004, and its pixelated games with cartoonish elements have become quite recognizable on the internet over the years, with them having a unique charm we really like.

We know that many of the Flash Nitrome Games online are thought to be lost, but no longer, as we work very hard to bring them back, using Ruffle or other emulators, which means that older fans of them can revisit them, and new audiences can also discover them.

There were action and adventure games, multiplayer games, or rather, games with 2 or more players, arcade games that focus more on skill or puzzle-solving skills, platform games of many kinds, where you would venture into new worlds, fighting games for boys to enjoy, and they featured everything from aliens, monsters, airplanes, ninjas, cars, robots, and many more.

One of their most iconic series is Bad Ice Cream Games, a series of two-player games online with puzzle elements, where players controlled ice cream characters and moved them through icy mazes, where their goal was to eat up the fruits there before the other player, while fending off various monsters, enemies, and being careful of traps and dangers.

Ice Breaker and its two sequels, Ice Breaker: Red Clan, and Ice Breaker: The Gathering, are also games that we need to mention here, firstly because we have them, and secondly because they are really fun puzzle games where you helped Vikings get to their boats by cutting the ice that is preventing them from getting there safely.

Now, here is a bigger list of games you might be interested, and which you might find here:

There are also a few Nitrome Mobile Games that we need to tell you about, such as:

We think that this is a category that has everything for all tastes, hence why we are delighted to showcase it to you all right now, and we think that we've done enough talking, so what you need to do right now is playing these games and many more from our website right away!

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