Double Edged

Double Edged

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Double Edged
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Double Edged Overview


Double Edged is a brand new action-adventure game set in medieval fantasy times where you can never know what kind of new monsters you have to take on and defeat, but they are always around the corner since this is a dangerous world that only you can save from horrors, which is what we invite you to do by playing this awesome game, as old as it might be!

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There are two characters you can choose to become in this game, one a man, and one a woman, and they are:

  • Sky Hawk
  • Sara-Rose

Sky wields a sword, while Sara uses an arrow, but you will be able to find new weapons through your adventures and use all sorts of different attacks.

Zombies, orcs, gladiators, giants, and other kinds of enemies all lurk around this wasteland world where anything can happen, so make sure to defeat them in battle, because if they defeat you instead by fully depleting your health bar, you lose and have to start again from scratch.

Use the arrow keys to move your hero around, and use the mouse for attacking. Now, here's a surprise: you can also have a friend join your adventure, and play this game with two players.

In that case, the second hero uses the WASD keys to move, and the spacebar to attack. Now that the rules and gameplay have been explained, your mythical adventure should begin straight away, solo or teamed up, the fun is still as great either way!

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