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Square Meal

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Square Meal
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Square Meal Overview


Square Meal is one of the best Nitrome Games 2 players with action, adventure, mazes, creatures, and blocks, all elements that together create one of the best gaming experiences you could be having today on our website, about which we tell you more right now, so you can give this game your best from the get-go!

Come get your Square Meal, aren't you hungry for fun?

With the green creature you have to go through each level, clearing it by clearing it off the monsters lurking around, something you do with a very interesting mechanic. That is you need to first eat the blocks made out of rock, and then spit them out at the enemies, defeating them.

Other kinds of blocks appear, each with their own behavior, so be mindful of them and use them properly when needed. Don't be careful just of slippery spots or booby-traps, which can cause you to lose, but also of the more powerful monsters that appear down the road, which will be harder to defeat.

You can attempt to do this by yourself, or you can have even more fun with two players, with us now explaining to you the controls:

  • Player 1: arrows to move, space to eat.
  • Player 2: wasd to move, ctrl to eat.

Now that you know the mechanics, you should be ready to give this game your absolute best right now, after which we invite you to stick around for more fun to come!

How to play?

P1: Arrows, Space.


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