Icebreaker: The Gathering

Icebreaker: The Gathering

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Icebreaker: The Gathering
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Icebreaker: The Gathering Overview


Icebreaker: The Gathering is the third game in this series of amazing logic games online, games with puzzle elements but also Vikings, so there are plenty of reasons to like it and be interested in it, even more so because it has been made by Nitrome, some of the best ones out there when it comes to game-development!

You can now play Icebreaker: The Gathering online unblocked!

In each level, your main goal is to get all of the Vikings who have been frozen in the ice to reach the ship, so they can leave, using the mouse to cut through the ice at the right spots to achieve that. Take advantage of bombs and other useful items, while being careful of traps.

If you get stuck, have no more moves to make, or your Vikings fall in other places other than the ships, you lose that level and need to start it again. The levels are divided into multiple stages, each featuring a new clan:

  • Elder Clan
  • First Clan
  • Raven Clan
  • Red Clan
  • Hunter Clan

Unlock all the levels, go through all the clans, and challenge your brain to its limits, seeing just how much fun you can have, which is always a guarantee with our daily content!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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