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Tankroyale.io Overview


In this new tank game on our website, you'll have to fight against other players! The goal of this game is to survive against a few enemies on the field. Once the game finds enough players, a random map will be selected and the game will start.

You can shoot 3 bullets at one time toward the enemy. Your bullets can also bounce off the walls so you can use that to your advantage. Each enemy can be killed by only 1 bullet, you are also vulnerable to this. Once a match is finished, you will earn coins depending on your place. You also have an ultimate ability, the default one fires a big shot and there are many more that you can unlock!

The coins can be used to buy skins for your tank and hats. There are many skins to choose from including desert skin, feathers, and even pineapple skin! There are also premium skins that are much higher quality but they cost a lot more.

Each time you win a match, you will get experience points that will raise your global ranking status. Time to fire the tank!

How to play?

WASD/ARROW to move, left-click to shoot, right-click to use your ultimate. On mobile drag to move tank and tap to shoot.

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