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Tanks of the Galaxy

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Tanks of the Galaxy
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Tanks of the Galaxy Overview


Tanks in space? Yes, you read that right, which is precisely the kind of unique gaming experience you now get to have on our website with the game on this page, Tanks of the Galaxy, which we have noticed from the release day, and we knew that if we were to give it to you here, we would make many of you very happy, as you will surely be!

Let's start the action with the Tanks of the Galaxy online!

In each level you explore a new enemy base on an enemy planet, where you have to shoot down the tanks you encounter until there are no more of them left, while making sure they are not the ones to take you down first. Deplete their health bar before they can do it to you first!

Use WASD to move, and the mouse to aim and shoot your cannon, going around the maps having to also shoot down blocks and obstacles, hit the bombs to cause explosions, and if you can find new weapons or power-ups, take advantage of them.

With the money you earn between levels, add power-ups to your tanks, making them stronger, so that you can finish even the levels that are more difficult down the road in this game.

Let's begin right now, as the details have been explained, and make sure that you stick around to see what more awesomeness will be followed up with here every day!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, and the mouse.

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