Block Tanks: Craft & Battle

Block Tanks: Craft & Battle

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Block Tanks: Craft & Battle
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Block Tanks: Craft & Battle Overview


Block Tanks: Craft & Battle is yet another battle simulator, tank-building, and action-heavy game that is bout strategy, design, improvement, and dedication to victory, similar to games such as CATS: CRASH ARENA TURBO STARS, only here we've got blocks instead of cats, from which the battle tanks will also be made of. Of course, some of you might be new to this kind of game, so allow us to teach you all you've got to do right now and here!

Craft and Battle with Block Tanks!

When you begin, step right into the garage, where you take your first set of wheels to put under the block, and you will also add a gun it, which acts as your primary weapon. You then hit the play button to start the battle simulator, where you will battle the first entry block tank, and before the time runs out, destroy it completely, or deal more damage on it than it gets on you to win.

This means winning prizes, which you open up in the trophy menu, where you open up the boxes, and use the new weapons from them to place them on your tank, such as drills or spinning saws. With the coins you earn, you can also level up each weapon and tank part separately, and make them stronger on their own.

This cycle of fighting, upgrading, and fighting again must be repeated all the time because, for each new fight that happens in the simulator, the tanks you battle are also going to grow bigger and stronger, so stay one step ahead to always win. If you lose, you still get rewards, and you can use them for the next round to do even better!

The more you win, the more you climb in the leaderboard. You start off in the copper league, which will be the material of the tanks, but then you can advance to bronze, silver, gold, and other materials that are stronger, as your fights get harder.

Come back to this game daily to get new rewards, and strive to become the top-ranking battle tank made of blocks!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Upgrade the block tank with new blocks for movement and power to defeat your enemies.
  • Combine new tank parts with leveling them up for more power.
  • Earn daily rewards by coming back here to play the game each new day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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