Tanks. Race for Survival

Tanks. Race for Survival

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Tanks. Race for Survival
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Tanks. Race for Survival Overview


'Tanks. Race for Survival' is here to offer you something new in the world of tank games online in 3D from our website, if you love them as much as we know you do already, as this game combines racing games with tank shooting games all into one, all in the hopes of survival, something we aim to teach you how to do right now, worry not!

Race for Survival with Tanks!

With the mouse you are going to drag around the screen to move your tank, as it goes forward, taking turns and grabbing up weapons, power-ups, surprise gifts, coins, and everything else that can give you a hand over your rival tanks, controlled by the computer.

All of you are racing primarily to survive, and that's because you are in an obstacle course where turrets are standing all over the place to shoot you up. If you get in their range, you also shoot at them automatically, so take them down before they do you.

If you can find shields and defense systems to use, make sure you're doing it. Survive until the end and cross the finish line, while also using the coins you earn between races to upgrade your tank and make yourselves more solid, strong, and a better shot too!

Begin the action-packed adventure right now, and stick around for more daily games to come, it's always a good idea to be here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Try avoiding the turrets shooting at you, or shoot them instead to survive longer!
  • Grab power-ups and surprise upgrades to stay ahead of the rival racing tanks!
  • Use coins to level up your tank for when the harder races will start.

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