Blokus Online

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What is Blokus Online?

Blokus Online

Blokus Online is one of those puzzle games with 4 players that come by rare, but when they do, they make a lot of waves, and they should, because four player games online are rare by themselves, so we are very happy that we could now share with you this classic one from the days of friv, with now you being able to play it wherever you are, on any kind of device!

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Four players, Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow each have their own blocks in the same colors, and the goal is to place them on the board in the middle of the screen, with the player that manages to conquer more territory with the blocks than the other one becoming the winner, and the others ranked behind them.

Each player uses the mouse to place their blocks, going in turns, and know that you can skip turns if you want some time to think and strategize. The best we wish you all, all four of you, and we hope that you check out more games from the category, and have even more fun together with one another, as well as with us!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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