Zombie Parade Defense 2

Zombie Parade Defense 2

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Zombie Parade Defense 2
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Zombie Parade Defense 2 Overview


Zombie Parade Defense II is the second zombie game in which you will have to prove to us that you are able to survive the invasion of zombies that are trying to conquer everything around them. An important thing is that the game can be played in 2 player mode, and in this way you can bring help to support you in the fight against the monsters that have just risen from the grave. If you played the first level of the game Zombie Parade Defense, you will know that at the beginning the level of the game will be quite easy, but as you evolve the difficulty of the game will increase and you will have to rely on experience from previous battles to win the missions you have.

Each wave of zombies that comes towards you will bring more and more attempts, more zombies, and at the same time more powerful, mutants with genetic mutations that manage to better resist the attacks you have at every moment. In order to survive the attacks, you will have to evolve, improve your weapons, buy all kinds of tower defense, better and better armor so that you can survive. Each zombie you manage to shoot and kill means a point for you, and the points will help you upgrade your weapons or even use special weapons:

  1. Slow: when you activate it, all the enemies that are heading towards you will slow down, and you will have more time to shoot them.
  2. Wind: the moment you use it you will be able to blow a strong sell to the zombies that come to earth or through the air towards you and return them
  3. Supply: you will be able to activate a help package from your team that will send you parachutes with supplements: new weapons, ammunition, armor, or even life for the fortress you are defending.
  4. Shield: When you activate the shield you will improve the armor that is on you.
  5. Bomber: when things get out of control, we recommend you press the special button, which will help you immensely, all enemies will die because a flock of missiles will head towards you and save you from an imminent attack.

Publisher: Twoplayergames.org

How to play?

Player 1: Move: "W,A,S,D" Switch Gun: "Q" Go in/out Base: "E";Player 2: Move: "ARROW KEYS" Switch Gun: "." Go in/out Base: "L"; Player 3: Move: "Y,G,H,L" Switch Gun: "T" Go in/out Base: "U";

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