Boxhead The Zombie Wars

Boxhead The Zombie Wars

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Boxhead The Zombie Wars
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Boxhead The Zombie Wars Overview


Boxhead The Zombie Wars is yet another addition to this series we're sure you've missed since it is a classic run of games that have now been unearthed and made still available for players who miss flash games, and even if that is not the case, but you just love shooting zombies, this game is perfect for you, with our team now explaining how it works, so you can give it your best!

Enter Boxhead and win The Zombie Wars!

Enter the various maps, and survive the onslaught of zombie waves that keep attacking you, making sure not to let them bite you too much, because if your health bar depletes completely, you lose and have to restart. Instead, shoot each wave of zombies, and then you get upgraded weapons and abilities to use.

Use the arrow keys for moving, shoot your weapons by pressing the spacebar, and to change between them, press the Z and X keys. Feel free and confident to begin shooting block zombies right now, and then give a look to more of the Boxhead Games we've already got here so far!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar, Z and X keys.

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Sean T Cooper

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