Ludo Legend

Ludo Legend

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Ludo Legend
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Ludo Legend Overview


Ludo Legend is one of the few ludo games in 4 players that we are happy to say you can now find and play for free on our website, where this board game can be played against up to three other players, which you can select to be either real ones, meaning that you take turns with the mouse to interact with the board, or the computer, which will move automatically. Either way, we have a feeling you're about to have tons of fun!

Become a Ludo Legend online!

Each player takes turns throwing the dice, a dice that shows how many moves their piece can make, each piece having a different color as well so that it is easy for you to differentiate between one and the other.

You are competing to reach the center faster than other players, and filling up the board with your color more than the other colors of the other players.

The game is quite intuitive, and you will certainly figure out what to do as soon as you begin, something we invite you to do right now, and see for yourself how much fun there can be had here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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