The King of Fighters 2021

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The King of Fighters 2021
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What is The King of Fighters 2021?

The King of Fighters 2021

We know that one-on-one fighting games online are never going out of style, which is why we never miss the beat to bring fresh new ones as awesome as possible as much as we can, just like we are very happy to present you all right now with The King of Fighters 2021, the updated version of this classic which we are sure you will enjoy from start to finish!

Can you become this year's king of fighting?

Start off by choosing which character you want to be, and you can also change that of your opponent, who is controlled by the PC:

  • Marshall
  • Xiaoli
  • Paulson
  • Keesha
  • you can also always pick the random option

There will also be three stages: Downtown, Back Alley, Subway. As for how you control your character, it is not complicated at all, as you use the arrows to move, and the J, K keys to punch and kick. Combining them can also result in various special attacks.

Now, as you would expect, what you have to do is hit your opponent more times, so that you completely empty out their health bar before they do the very same thing to you, which is when you lose.

How to play?

Use the arrows, J, K keys.

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