The King of Fighters Wing EX

The King of Fighters Wing EX

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The King of Fighters Wing EX
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The King of Fighters Wing EX Overview


Play The King of Fighters Wing EX whether or not you've played any of the other games in the series! It is inspired by many fighting games of old, where you pick your character and fight to the death. Like Mortal Kombat Games? You will love this one too!

Become The King of Fighters Wing EX!

You can play just you against the computer in the 1P vs CPU mode. In the 1P vs 2P mode, you play and fight against another real player, both of you using this same device. In the CPU vs CPU mode, you can see the fights simulated by the computer. If you want to hone your skills before starting, feel free to try the training mode!

Exciting 2 player mode!

If you want to fight with a real opponent, that is the way to play, since it is more exciting. In that case, your controls are as follows:

  • Player 1 moves and jumps with WASD, and U, I, O, J, K, and L to attack.
  • Player 2 moves and jumps with the ARROWS, and attacks with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
Classic arena-style fights!

Pick the character you want, and then start fighting. The winner is the one to win two out of three bouts. To defeat your foe, you have to deplete them of their health bar. They will want to do the same to you, so be careful not to get finished off first.

As you defeat one opponent, go on to the next, as the tournament gets harder. Of course, a true fighting king will win all the battles he faces!

Make the combos and earn victory!

The surefire way to win each battle is to make more combos between your attacks than the opponent. If you can also avoid their hits and go on the counter-attack immediately, you will get an advantage.

Good luck, we wish you the best, and hope you play more fighting games here!

How to play?

Tips & Tricks

  • Use J and 1 to select your characters in the main menu panel.

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