Tiny Crash Fighters

Tiny Crash Fighters

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Tiny Crash Fighters
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Tiny Crash Fighters Overview


Tiny Crash Fighters is a heavy action game online with cars that might be tiny, but that is quite awesome in the fact that they are packed with weapons, as their goal is to crash into one another until the other one burns, something that you will attempt doing in this game right now, and we will explain just how as well!

Become the best Tiny Crash Fighters online on the internet!

Start off by creating your tiny car, but know that in the beginning, you can only attach a sword to it. After that, use the mouse to attack the computer's machine, having to use the weapons at your disposal to defeat them, and if you can achieve that, you become the winner.

You become the loser instead in case you get hit too much by the opponents and your health bar depletes instead. With the coins that you earn from winning fights like these, you can use them to buy new weapons, wheels, or entire vehicles from top to bottom in order to use them in your fights.

The more fights you win, the more crazy vehicles you can build. Play this on computers or mobile devices, and see just how much incredible fun you can have. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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